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Investment Property Management Services

Our Chicagoland house rental services are flexible to meet your needs.  We provide your choice of:

  • Lease and property management services
  • Lease only
  • Property Management only

Do you have the spare time and patience to deal with your tenant's telephone calls and the resulting work.  The 5 Star comprehensive Chicago Property Management service is designed to give you peace of mind and relieve you of the commitment of being a full-time landlord.  We are a small, but professional, property management company that is personal.  We only service Chicago and the suburbs for our property management service.

We are passionate about the Chicago property market and providing you with excellent service.    We bring you a unique offering and a rigorous methodology for finding the right tenants and satisfying our clients. When choosing Property Management Services you enter a partnership that ensures the longevity of your rental property investment and security of your investment properties.

We understand that the value of the investment is a combination of cash flow and capital appreciation.  We help address both of these areas through effective property management and property maintenance.

As an experienced Landlord, you’ll know it’s not only about collecting the rent.  Managing the investment property asset through property maintenance and monitoring the market changes are the keys to high returns and building wealth.

5 Star specializes in the management of Chicago IL investment property and wants your business managing your private property portfolios. We know how to reduce the stress of your investment property. If you’ve just purchased your first investment property – our experienced rental managers will give you the personal attention you need to ensure you benefit from our long experience.





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